Landres main focus, being a very young academic spin off company, is the Research.
We participate to national and international projects but also collaborate with private company or institution to understand and solve specific problems.

The mix between the past and the new acquired knowledge & experience is the foundation for the Development of innovative products and processes moving forward the proposal of Consultancy and Training services


Forest restoration management

Investigation and definition of innovative protocols and techniques for the optimization of any activity related to forest restoration and forest management

Germination & growth

Investigation, definition and consultancy activity relating to protocols and techniques for the optimization of the production regarding germination and growth of plants in natural, semi-natural and artificial environments

Geological & environmental studies

Geological and environmental studies supporting activities related to forest management and restoration, soil erosion and natural, semi-natural and artificial slope site stability

Remote sensing

Multispectral and hyperspectral remote sensing (including RPAS technology) for vegetation studies at high temporal and spatial resolution

Omics Techniques

Application of –omics techniques (proteomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics) for the selection and characterization of plant species/genotypes tolerant to different kind of environmental stresses and growing conditions


New products & materials

Development, testing and commercialization of new materials and products related to vegetation, its divulgation and locationing

Vegetation covers

Development of knowledges and innovative products for the optimal installation of vegetation covers in natural, semi-natural and artificial environments

Vegetative propagation

Collection, production and commercialization of vegetative propagation materials

Products for environmental restoration

Design, creation, production and commercialization of instruments and products (both software and hardware) related to forest and environmental restoration including nursery activities

Consultancy & Training

Academic divulgation

Dissemination and teaching regarding contents and new concepts treated and developed by the company

Post sales training

Specialized training with specific attention to the transfer of expertises about the use of products developed by the company

Vegetation covers

Consultancy for the development of vegetation covers as remediation tool against soil erosion on natural, semi-natural and artificial slope sites